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==========WELCOME TO OUR CLAN WEBSITE==========



                           ...Captain [TBG] Mysterious...

             ...What we Do Is Rush And Crush... 

[TBG] M@G!C!@N  (PC)  Kills 35K+
[TBG] -2DIE4-  (PC)  (Almost Stoped Playing ) Kills 36.5K+
[TBG] The Legend  (PC)  Kills55k+
[TBG] Man Of Steel  (PC)  Kills 11k+
[TBG] Sheriff  (PC)   (Apple)  Kills 14k+
[TBG] Nightmare  (PC)   (Android)  Kills 11k+
[TBG] Uchiha Itachi (using 4th account)  (PC)  Kills 18k+
[TBG] Mysterious Man  (Android)   (PC)  Kills 68k+
[TBG] Unknown  (Android)  Kills 7.5k +
[TBG] Destructor  (PC)  (Almost Stoped Playing ) Kills 11k+
[TBG] H!TL3R  (PC)  (using 4th account) Kills 10k+
[TBG] legendry hero (Android)  (PC)  Kills 18k+
[TBG] Mr Sniper N:-  (PC)  Kills 26k+
[TBG] MATRIX //  (PC)  using 6th account Kills 12k+
[TBG] Crusher ^-^  (PC)  using 5th account Kills 10k+
[TBG] Wolf  (PC)  Kills 8k +
[TBG] X blade death_note  (PC)  kills 14k+
[TBG] $o$  (PC)  (using 3th account) Kills 10k+
[TBG] Dr.Dead  (PC)   
[TBG] Animator  (PC)
[TBG]Zizou_Algeria  (PC)
[TBG] *Alexix*  (PC)  Kills 24k
[TBG] Pak Army  (PC)  (Almost Stoped Playing )
[TBG]Roadblock  (PC)  (Almost Stoped Playing )
[TBG] H/\XECUTER  (Apple)
[TBG] Bad boy pro  (Apple)
[TBG] MYSTERIES  (Android)  Kills 11k
[TBG] Sharif093  (Apple)  kills 74k
[TBG] Frankenstein  (Apple)  Kills 39k
[TBG] cool boy pro  (Apple)  Kills 9k
[TBG] Killer98  (PC)  Kills 14k
[TBG] I May Kill You  (Apple)
[TBG] Gothical  (PC)
[TBG] gEnEratiOn_  (PC)
[TBG] Marcy (PC)
[TBG] Selena^_^  (PC)   (F)
[TBG] Ahmed  (PC)   (F)  Using 4th account Kills 6k
[TBG] Annimator  (PC)
[TBG] Destroyer  (Apple)
[TBG] Ghost Sniper  (PC)
[TBG] The $niper  (PC)
[TBG] Terorrizer  (PC)  Kills 5k
[TBG] Dark Wolf  (PC)  Kills 9k
[TBG] IVANICA  (PC)  kills15.5k
[TBG] Saru danger  (PC)  13k kills
[TBG] GOLU  (PC)  kills 30k
[TBG] SnipeEm  (PC)  kills 6k
More & More are Coming soon... (members other than these are fakies)
Welcome new guys \(^_^)/

>>Fully Trusted And Oldest Members<<
[TBG] Nightmare ::: [TBG] Selena ::: [TBG] Hexicuter ::: [TBG] Legend ::: [TBG] M@G!C!@N ::: [TBG] Man Of steel ::: [TBG] Madara Uchiha ::: [TBG] Sheriff ::: [TBG] Bodyguard ::: [TBG] /{*_*}\ ::: [TBG] CoolBoy pro ::: [TBG] Crusher^_^ ::: [TBG] Red dragon ::: [TBG] shaff093 ::: [TBG] MATRIX//

                          >>Less Active Players List<<

[TBG] -2DIE4-
[TBG] Man Of Steel 
[TBG] Sheriff 
[TBG] Nightmare 
[TBG] Uchiha Itachi 
[TBG] Bodyguard 
[TBG] Destructor 
[TBG] Pak Army (Almost stoped playing)

                                       >>Banned Players<<
1) username piyu5hrame5hxxx
2) username himanshuchauhanvin

1) No ha
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